Genealogy Genie

Genealogy Genie, located in the Hawkesbury, is a genealogy research business which provides affordable and professional family history research services

Genealogy Genie specialises in Australian (NSW, VIC, QLD) records as well as English, Irish and Scottish records

Genealogy Genie is dedicated to helping you make the most of your family history research.

Liz McPherson

My genealogy journey started over 13 years ago.

I lost both my paternal and maternal grandfathers at a very young age. Whilst my parents told me what they knew about my grandfathers, I wanted to know more so I started talking to other relatives, looking at photo albums and I obtained an ancestry subscription to satisfy my thirst for knowledge

But it wasn’t enough, before I knew it I was travelling to public libraries, specialized libraries, State Library and historical societies all over New South Wales to learn everything I could about my grandfathers and their families. I even traveled to VIC to learn everything I could about my family from a relative who found me on ancestry.com.au.

I know my journey to my past isn’t over but with everything I have learnt about my ancestors I can say that I’m very blessed and humbled to learn about the individuals who all played a part of making me the woman who I am today